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2019 Ticket Format Change

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Are You Being Safe

Learn about what to do if you own underground lines or are digging near underground lines.
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Constitution and Bylaws
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Common Ground Alliance Best Practices

Best Practices 20
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Complex Project Meeting Notes

Template for Complex Project Meeting notes
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Complex Project Meeting Sign In Sheet

Template for Complex Project Sign In Sheet
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Complex Project Policy

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Cross Bore Best Practices

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Design Notifications

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Dig Safely!

Safe Digging begins with a call to Pennsylvania One Call System.
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Excavation Safety Guide

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Excavator Handbook

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Homeowners: Know What's Below

Safe Digging is No Accident
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Member Mapping Brochure

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Member Mapping Overview

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OSHA Quick Card

Working Safely in Trenches
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Routine Ticket Flowchart

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Successfully Build an Underground Broadband Project in PA

White Paper - How to Successfully Build an Underground Broadband Project in Pennsylvania
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Tailgate Safety Meetings

A successful tailgate meeting needs to be well planned, timed and executed.  It must engage all the workers and provide relevant information for the hazards that will be faced that day.
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What is KARL

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XML Email Users Guide

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