Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. (“POCS”) has designed a voluntary payment dispute resolution process which may be used by excavators, facility owners, designers, project owners and other involved persons. The process provides for dispute resolution panels that are selected from a list of representatives of stakeholder groups, including facility owners, excavators, designers and regulators. The process will not be used to settle or resolve alleged violations of the Act nor will it involve any issues related to the PUC's enforcement activities.

Use of the alternate dispute resolution (“ADR”) administered by POCS is voluntary.  There will be no ADR unless all parties to the dispute agree to use ADR by executing the POCS Alternate Dispute Resolution Agreement and paying the Fee described in the Agreement.

Questions about Alternate Dispute Resolution

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S. Robin Johnson
Compliance Coordinator

To begin the ADR process, please review and complete the Request for Alternate Dispute Resolution Form below. Once the form has been submitted, an ADR Agreement will be sent to the involved parties for signatures.

Request for Alternate Dispute Resolution