The Member Mapping application will be unavailable during our Annual Landbase map maintenance, part of our ongoing effort to keep maps current. 


MAINTENANCE DATES (Eastern Standard Time):

  • Map Update Freeze BEGINS – Thursday, December 14, 2023 (2359) 
  • Map Update Freeze ENDS – Sunday, January 7, 2024 (an email will be sent)

Beginning December 14th at 2359, access to update map objects and services will be temporarily frozen. This means both the “Member Mapping” and the “Member Mapping - Upload your map data” applications will not be available.


If a notification area needs to be added during the freeze, it will be necessary to revert to municipal level notification until after the landbase maps are active again on January 7, 2024.


This maintenance is critical because the landbase map data is used by members as reference points when designating facility notification areas, and by both web ticket entry users and customer service reps when drawing excavation notification areas. Both the facility notification areas and the ticket entry maps are used to determine which locate requests/tickets are sent to each mapped member. 


If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at or 412-464-7168 or 800-248-1786 ext. 7168.


Thank you for your patience as we update our landbase maps.

Member Mapping

Member Mapping is a requirement under PA Act 287 of 1974, as amended by Act 50 of 2017. 

All underground facility owners in Pennsylvania must participate in the Pennsylvania One Call System's Member Mapping Solutions.

Member Mapping is an online tool developed by Pennsylvania One Call System to refine member facility owner's notification areas by using map objects instead of municipal boundaries. Member Mapping is available to all member facility owner at no charge.

Member Mapping is designed specifically for member facility owners who do not have the resources for an internal GIS or CAD system.  The online tool allows for you to import your center line files for your notification areas, bypassing and streamlining the effort to draw notification areas on a municipality by municipality basis.

Member Mapping Benefits

  • Reduces the number of locate request notifications received
  • Increases the relevance of the notifications received
  • Reviewing fewer maps for line conflicts
  • No locator dispatch required on screened notifications
  • Responding only for notifications received
  • Handling fewer emergency notifications after hours

How Member Mapping Works

Pennsylvania One Call System notification requests have defined excavation sites drawn on maps 99.9% of the time, called the ticket notification area. A facility owner uses Member Mapping to identify where they wish to be notified for locating their underground facilities, referred to as the member notification area

The Pennsylvania One Call System software compares the ticket notification area against the member notification area to identify which notifications should be transmitted to a facility owner who uses Member Mapping to define their areas. 

Member Mapping Security Roles

Member Mapping security roles are determined by the facility owners Pennsylvania One Call System company representative. They can grant a user access based on their needs.

Member Mapping authenticates to the Pennsylvania One Call network using an https secure connection. Facility owner maps stored on our servers are not available to any other user company. Each company has exclusive access and control of their own facility map data and member notification areas.