Privately Owned Underground Lines

Our Facility Owner members (utility companies) mark the location of underground lines they own and/or maintain, when a one call notification is placed. Not all underground lines are maintained by the utility companies and in these cases, the underground lines may not be marked by the utility companies when you place a one call notification.

Examples of private lines could include:

  • Utility service lines from the meter to the home
  • Electric or gas lines to a pool or outdoor grill
  • Invisible fences
  • Septic systems
  • Sprinkler systems or drainage pipes
  • Propane tanks and lines

If you are aware of any privately owned underground lines on the property, please contact a private line locating company to have the lines marked prior to any excavation work.

The following is a list of company who provide private line locating services.  

Pennsylvania One Call System does not endorse any company listed below:


Allegheny Utility Solutions
Ambipar Response - EMS610-866-7799
Assa Underground Utilities
Atlantic Leak Detection & Utility Locating 
Blew and Associates PA888-933-2111
Blood Hound Underground888-858-9830 
Eastern Area
Enviroprobe Services,
GdB Geospatial LS, P.C.252-333-7178
On-Call Locating
SiteQuest Services
Surveying and Mapping, LLC (SAM)
Steel City NDT
The Underground
Trinity Subsurface Engineering
Unlimited Locating Services
Utility Services Group (USG)