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Pennsylvania 811 is taking its industry leading premier safety training conference to a virtual platform in 2021! 

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7:30 TRAINING TRACK [Track 1]
Module 1 Project Owner and Coordinate PA

Marcos Bernal, Senior Damage Prevention Liaison, Pennsylvania 811
Learn how to utilize the Pennsylvania 811 Coordinate PA application from the perspective of a Project Owner. Coordinate PA is a web service application used to support Public Works and utility project planning and utility coordination within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Utility companies, public works directors, and others describe their projects on a map. Coordinate PA then shows the projects and the project time frames for users and automatically identifies opportunities for collaboration between projects. Coordinate PA integrates with Pennsylvania 811’s Web Ticket Entry process to create design and excavation notifications to increase project safety and reduce project costs as required by Pennsylvania’s Underground Utility Line Protection law. 

7:30 WORK SAFELY THROUGH 811 [Track 2]
Ask 811 Customer Service Representative Perspective

Jim Reynolds, Damage Prevention Liaison, Pennsylvania 811
Tammy Corrie, Senior Customer Service Representative, Pennsylvania 811

Discover why a Customer Service Representative asks so many questions when you call. There is always a reason. Join us to learn why you will need to place a new ticket when your scope of work changes, why you should mark your work site in white paint or flags, what should you do if a facility owner doesn't mark their lines, and much more.

7:30 GUEST SPEAKERS [Track 3]
Curves on Local Roads

Patrick Wright, Pennsylvania's Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)
Information about curve safety and the application of horizontal alignment signs for curved segments of local roads. Learn how to place and install ‘Curve Warning Signs’ and other safety features for curves.

8:00 WORK SAFELY THROUGH 811 [Track 2]
Tolerance Zone

Erika Dominick, Damage Prevention Liaison, Pennsylvania 811
This presentation will provide an in-depth excamination of the tolerance zone, how to identify the components of a correct marking, and the use of prudent dig techniques. 

7:30 Resource Room [Main Room]
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8:30 TRAINING TRACK [Track 1]
Module #2 Designer and Coordinate PA

Kevin Goldblum, Damage Prevention Liaison, Pennsylvania 811
Are you an architect, engineer, or another person who or which prepares a drawing for construction, or other projects which require excavation or demolition work in Pennsylvania? This presentation will explain the Designer obligations of the PA One Call Law, preliminary vs. final designs, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) requirements, and how Coordinate PA can assist in staying compliant.

8:30 AM WORK SAFELY THROUGH 811 [Track 2]
Excavator Obligations

Ryan Parrish, Damage Prevention Liaison, Pennsylvania 811
This presentation is designed for Excavators, Facility Owners, and anyone else in the underground utility industry interested in safety with a focus on safe digging practices and outlines the excavator’s responsibilities under PA Act 287, as amended. 

8:30 AM GUEST SPEAKERS [Track 3]
Managing Utility Cuts

Jason Dailey, Pennsylvania's Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)
One of the most aggravating occurrences undermining the structural stability of a newly reconstructed or resurfaced road is the utility repair cut. Learn how to manage roadway excavation by contractors and utilities through local ordinances, permits, fees, specifications and inspection. 

8:30 Resource Room [Main Room]
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9:30 TRAINING TRACK [Track 1]
Module #3 Excavator Requirements and Complex Projects in Coordinate PA

Kirk Kirkpatrick, Damage Prevention Liaison, Pennsylvania 811
Do you have a large project that involves more than properly can be described on a single locate request? Or, do you have a project designated as such by the excavator as a consequence of its complexity? Or, it's potential to cause significant disruption to lines or facilities and the public? Or, excavations requiring scheduling locates over an extended time frame? Then you have a complex project. During this session, you will learn how to create and manage a complex project in Coordinate PA. 

9:30 WORK SAFELY THROUGH 811 [Track 2]
Locator Obligations

Greg Danks, Damage Prevention Liaison, Pennsylvania 811
The session will help a locator understand the definitions and terminology used in PA Act 287, as amended, and will explain how to mark underground lines by using the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) and the American Public Works Association (APWA) color code standards. Participants will also learn Pennsylvania 811 procedures, required notification information, and how to respond to locates received through the one call center. 

9:30 AM GUEST SPEAKERS [Track 3]
Pipeline Safety

Steve Roberts, M. Ed, Vice President of Training, Paradigm
An overview of damage prevention and safe digging methods near pipelines and gas distribution systems, state regulatory initiatives, pipeline purpose, leak recognition and response, hazard awareness and preventive methods, right-of-way infringement, and pipeline maintenance activities.

9:30 Resource Room [Main Room]
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10:30 TRAINING TRACK [Track 1]
Module #4 Complex Project and Preconstruction Meetings

Maria White, Damage Prevention Liaison, Pennsylvania 811
Learn how to harness the usefulness of Coordinate PA by learning how to conduct a pre-construction meeting, secure project documentation, and establish communication methods within the scope of your complex project.

10:30 WORK SAFELY THROUGH 811 [Track 2]
New for you!

Pennsylvania 811
Pennsylvania 811 is always looking to assist you through the One Call Process. Discover what new tools and applications are available, and coming soon. This session includes the new website, online ticket management, alleged violation reporting, and updates to the Drawing Exchange and Coordinate PA applications.

10:30 GUEST SPEAKERS [Track 3]
Damage Prevention in Trenching and Excavating

Jim Stepahin, Customer Training Specialist, United Rentals, Inc.
This session will focus on the importance of damage prevention and ways to protect utilities and workers in trench and excavation work. We'll review the impact of utility damages, and focus on the importance of training, solutions and resources. Learn how you can make a difference in our industry. 


10:30 Resource Room [Main Room]
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The OSHA Panel Discussion

Kevin Chambers, Area Director, Enforcement, OSHA
Dale Glacken, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA, Harrisburg, Central, PA
Mark Harmon, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA, Erie, Northwest, PA
James Harrity, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA, Philadelphia, Eastern, PA
Isabel DeOliveira, Regional Compliance Assistance Specialist, Industrial Hygienist, OSHA
David Yanoschick, PA OSHA Consultation, IUP

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) representatives discuss their agency priority goal to eliminate trenching and excavation hazards. Each year there are a number of trenching incidents and fatalities; all are preventable. As Keynote, OSHA will participate in a panel discussion to review trenching hazards and solutions on how to reduce incidents.


You know about Pennsylvania 811! Join us and play for prizes by challenging your knowledge of Pennsylvania 811. This interactive trivia game will include topics covered throughout the day. Each question you answer correct increases your chance to win a prize. Play and surprise yourself with how much you know about the one call process.

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