The Pennsylvania 811 Board of Directors have mandated that effective on April 21, 2023, all Preliminary and Final Design Notifications must be created in Pennsylvania 811's Coordinate PA (CPA) Application.


CPA is Pennsylvania 811's web-based project coordination software tool for utility and public works project planning, design, and construction within Pennsylvania. Before, designers would either call 811 or use Pennsylvania 811 Web Ticket Entry (WTE) to place their 811 design notifications. Now, using CPA, Designers still get the same functionality of WTE, but also will have the ability to collaborate, plan, and project manage with all underground stakeholders on large and/or complex underground projects, from conception through construction, to prevent underground damages throughout the life of the project. Once the design phase is completed, the CPA project can be continued into the construction phase by the project owner or contractor who can place Complex Project and Routine notifications on the project.

 Section 4 of The Underground Utility Line Protection Act 287 as Amended requires that all Designers that are “preparing a drawing which requires excavation or demolition work within this Commonwealth: To request the line and facility information prescribed by Section 2(4) from the One Call System not less than ten nor more than ninety business days before final design is to be completed. This clause is not intended to prohibit designers from obtaining such information more than ninety days before final design is to be completed; however, they shall state in their requirements that such work is preliminary."

 Not familiar with CPA? Have questions about Pennsylvania 811 Design process? Please contact the Pennsylvania 811 Damage Prevention Liaison in your area. Their contact information can be found at