Pennsylvania 811 Website Communities

Pennsylvania 811 communities allow members of the community to share knowledge, communicate and connect with others, and stay in touch using email subscriptions.

  • Announcements - broadcast messages sent to all community subscribers and members and are posted to the community page.
    • These posts display in the Announcements area of the Community page and can be configured to allow replies. They allow community administrators to broadcast messages to all community subscribers and members.
  • Blog – A blog entry is user contributed content that might offer commentary, news, event announcements, or material such as images or photos or links to other blogs.
  • Recent Activity – This area offers a view of every content item that has been added or updated in reverse chronological order.
  • Discussions – This area contains topics, and subsequent entries on a topic are called posts. When a community member subscribes to a discussion, they receive an email every time that a post is added or when someone replies to a topic with a post.
  • Resource Library – This area stores shared files, which are content such as Word or PDF files, forms, or graphics that are available to everyone in the community to download.
  • Wikis – A Wiki is a group of collaborative web pages grouped together, enabling quick editing of the pages by allowing community members to add or edit articles to the community website.
  • Participants - the participant list comprises the subscribers of the community.

Participants can:

  • Create posts to reply, comment, blog entry, discussion topic, or wiki page
  • Report inappropriate content
  • View community subscribers

Current Pennsylvania 811 communities

  • Allegheny/Kiski Valley Coordinating Committee
  • Altoona Coordinating Committee
  • Beaver County Utility Coordinating Committee
  • Central PA Regional Partnership
  • Delaware Valley Damage Prevention Council
  • Erie County Coordinating Committee, Erie County, Pennsylvania
  • Fayette County Coordinating Committee
  • Harrisburg Coordinating Committee
  • Johnstown Area Public Service Coordination Committee
  • Lancaster County Regional Partnership
  • Lehigh Valley Regional Partnership
  • North Central Utility Coordination Committee (NCUCC)
  • North East PA (NEPA) Regional Partnership
  • Pittsburgh Public Service Coordination Committee
  • Public Service Coordinating Committee
  • Somerset Utility Meeting
  • Washington Area Utility Coordinating Committee
  • Westmoreland Utility Meeting
  • Williamsport Coordinating Committee
  • York Coordinating Committee
  • Pennsylvania 811 Board of Directors - must be a current Pennsylvania 811 Board member or Alternate Board Member to participate
  • Pennsylvania 811 Board Committees and Task Forces - must be an active member of the Committee or Task Force to participate

Accessing a Community

Complete this form to request access to a Community

Once access is granted Sign In to your web account on the Pennsylvania 811 website:

  • Click “Member Services”
  • Scroll down to “Communities” then select “My Subscriptions” to select the Community/Communities 

Learn More about Communities
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