Member Mapping Brochure
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Member Mapping

Member Mapping from Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. allows Pennsylvania underground facility owners to refine their municipal level ticket notifications by using an Internet-based mapping system at no cost. Underground utility owners in PA have seen a 63% reduction in notifications, on average, with no compromise in safety.  Pipelines have enjoyed 97% reductions while controlling the safety buffer around their facilities.


Why use Member Mapping? from Pennsylvania 811 on Vimeo.

Member Mapping from Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. is designed specifically for members who do not have the resources for an internal GIS or CAD system.  For members who do have internal GIS or CAD systems, the call center can import your center-line files for notification areas, bypassing and streamlining the effort to draw notification areas on a municipality by municipality basis.

By drawing polygons on a map, a member can indicate where they would like to be notified within a municipality where they own and operate underground facilities and digging occurs.

Member Mapping: A Short Overview from Pennsylvania 811 on Vimeo.

Advantages of Member Mapping:
  • Facility information you add to your secure layer is only visible to you.
  • The ability to draw notification areas that become active the next business day without call center intervention.
  • The ability to create and update notification areas by using an ordinary Web Browser (no special software is needed).
  • Ease of use with polygon-based drawing tools instead of 'pick the grid' tools common in other applications.
  • Intelligent tools to draw facility lines that automatically follow roads.
  • The ability to receive notifications via municipal level notification or map level notification on a municipality-by-municipality basis.
  • HTTPS security and full auditing of all activities to ensure security and integrity of the system and data.
  • The flexibility to define a facility buffer as large as 2,500 feet or as small as zero feet, or to vary the facility buffer size on an object-by-object basis.

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