Member Database Verification

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Save some trees!  Instead of reviewing the annual database verification from a paper report, use this Web-based application to update information online.

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You should receive an email with information allowing you to verify the data we have on file for each receiving site (CDC). If you have not received an email by January 14, 2020, please contact Member Services at 1-800-248-1786 ext. 7168.
There are two scenarios:

1.   Your company has a single receiving site (CDC) – you will receive the data within the body of the email (see below for example) and can choose a button at the bottom to make changes or verify there are no changes to the data in the email.  You must sign in to our website after clicking the buttons for the process to be completed (this is to verify your identity for our records).

… All data will be displayed in the body with the following buttons at the bottom of the email.

2.    Your company has multiple receiving sites (CDCs) – your email will have a message with a list of your CDCs and a link to sign in to the website.  After you sign in you will be redirected to the new Member Database Verification Dashboard where you can view the data for each CDC and choose to make changes or verify no changes.

 Select the “View CDC Data” buttons in the Review column to see the following:

We hope you find this process to be more efficient and allow you to identify any changes that need to be made within your company data. This vital process allows us to maintain accurate records so that we can deliver tickets and appropriately contact individuals within your organization.