E-Mail Delivery

Lower your ticket cost! E-mail delivery is the lowest cost delivery method for members to receive tickets from Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. Take advantage of the power of the Internet with this delivery method.

Email delivery is available in Plain Text and HTML format.

HTML delivery is an alternate, optional email delivery format that offers web links in Member email Ticket delivery to:

ü  A “View Map” link which will launch the Pennsylvania811 website to the retrieve map image for the Serial Number (site authentication is required)

ü  “Response” link which will launch the Pennsylvania811 website to Web Ticket Response for the CDC and Serial Number (site authentication is required)

If interested, please email Member Services to request the HTML email format.  

Email with XML Attachments

Pennsylvania 811’s email with XML attachments, enables member receiving sites with XML (Extensible Markup Language) capable systems to interact with our transmission data.

Member sites who choose the email XML Attachment method will see email as text in the body of the email, with an attachment formatted in XML, to be used for further processing.

Transmissions sent with XML Attachments:

  • Serial Numbers (SNs)
  • Resends
  • Meeting Request Numbers (MRNs)
  • MRN Announcements


If interested, contact Member Services to request email with XML Attachments.