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Designers and excavators can use a Web-based tool to enter design and routine one call notifications instead of calling.  Advantages of using this method include viewing the same map the Customer Service Representatives use and the ability to create a ticket as quickly as a Customer Service Representative without waiting on hold!

The Web Ticket Entry interface has been enhanced to allow it to be used on mobile devices. Main functionality will remain the same. The content of the application will now resize and move around to fit the screen of the device.

  • Buttons have been colored to make them stand out.
  • The ticket entry form continues to have the same layout. The question hint field is hidden on “mobile devices”. It is replaced with an info icon for each question which is shown directly at the beginning of each field.
  • Content will move around and stack where necessary depending on screen size.
  • On smaller mobile screens the current section indicator has been replaced with section numbers which are displayed at the top of the screen.
  • The background color of a question field will change to red if the blank field requires an answer or correction.
  • The drawing exchange is not available when using a mobile device or tablet.
  • The browser check has been redesigned to accommodate both desktop and mobile browsers.
Supported browsers:
(Versions are updated quarterly)
  • Desktop PC:
    • Internet Explorer version 11
    • Firefox version 72 - 76
    • Chrome version 78 - 83
    • Edge build 15063+ currently 18363
  • Mobile/Tablet:
    • iPhone: Safari version 6+
    • iPad: Safari version 6+
    • Android: Chrome version 30+
Approved Abbreviations for Web Ticket Entry
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Web Ticket Entry Online Training

Already have the link - Access the Application here

Are you ready to enter design and routine one call notifications online instead of calling, but you don't know how to start?

An online training video is now available. Log in to your POCS User Account to view the Web Ticket Entry Basic Training Video. Once you have passed the training, you will have the ability to enter tickets at your own leisure through the web without waiting on hold for a Customer Service Representative.


Don't have a POCS User Account or not sure how to Request a link to an Application, click here to learn more.