Participating Associations

Eliminate the annual $125 fee* each calendar year by becoming a member of any of the participating associations of Pennsylvania One Call System.

Here's how:

(1) Your first call to use the system generates a $125 invoice for the calendar year.

(2) You will receive the invoice for payment.

(3) Forward your invoice to your participating association.

(4) The association verifies your current membership and contacts POCS with the confirmation.

(5) POCS marks your invoice as a participating association member and no payment is due for the calendar year.

*The annual fee is a requirement under the Law. The fee helps defray the operational costs associated with municipalities, townships and boroughs. Associations who participate with the POCS program have agreed to pay a blanket fee for their members for each calendar year. They have also agreed to help promote the Call Before You Dig program by educating their members, allowing free booth space at any of their trade shows and free advertisements. Our goal is to educate for the safety of workers and the community.