Keynote Speaker

Monica Rakoczy, Owner
EnterTRAINING Solutions, LLC

"Everybody, Anybody, Somebody and Nobody: Whose Job is Safety Anyway?"
Being Part of the Construction Family

As the world advances by leaps and bounds, we are aided by an ever evolving digital world that aims to make our lives more streamlined and efficient. Tablets and smartphones are being integrated into our daily processes, but there seems to be an unintended side effect; we are losing the ability to personally connect and trust.

This presentation will help you relearn the importance of being part of the construction family. Experienced and new workers will discover the value of the give-and-take in a working relationship. Once we reestablish effective connections, we can use our collections of personal stories to tell our own tales of safety. We all have the capability to save someone's life, we just have to be willing to share a little of our own.

The owner, operator and face of EnterTRAINING Solutions, Monica Rakoczy grew up walking work sites with her father. She has gained appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the men and women in the work force through her early exposure to the industry. Upon graduating from Penn State University, Rakoczy moved to Virginia, where she worked as a project administrator, marketing and equipment coordinator, then equipment director for MEB General Contractors. Years in the field, Monica started working for United Rentals where she developed her specialty with trench safety. Upon returning to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Monica started working for RETTEW as a safety consultant. In 2017, Rakoczy opened EnterTRAINING Solutions to provide OSHA safety training for the construction industrial, and utility industries. In 2019, Monica was honored by the Lancaster-Lebanon, PA SCORE with a prestigious small business award.