Pennsylvania Coordinating Committees

Pennsylvania One Call System's liaisons continue to meet with statewide coordinating committees to discuss upcoming projects and productive ways to deter damage prevention. Contractors and designers are encouraged to attend with their project plans.

Allegheny/Kiski Valley Coordinating Committee, Western Pennsylvania

Delaware Valley Damage Prevention Council, Southeastern Pennsylvania

Fayette County Coordinating Committee, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Johnstown Area Public Service Coordination Committee, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Lancaster County Regional Partnership, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 

Lehigh Valley Regional Partnership, Lehigh and Northampton Counties, Pennsylvania

North Central Utility Coordination Committee (NCUCC), Tioga, Bradford and Susquehanna Counties, Pennsylvania 

Pittsburgh Public Service Coordination Committee, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Public Service Coordinating Committee, Indiana County, Pennsylvania
Somerset Utility Meeting, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Washington Area Utility Coordinating Committee, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Westmoreland Utility Meeting, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Contact us if you would like to be involved.



Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Regional Partners

The CGA would like to partner with regional damage prevention groups for the purpose of encouraging communication about Best Practices between all stakeholders at local levels. The purpose of the partnership is to strengthen initiatives among national, regional, state, and local damage prevention groups, and promote the use of damage prevention Best Practices. The purpose is not to take-over or control any damage prevention program, but the CGA would like to team-up with existing regional groups that share common goals with the CGA. The CGA encourages the formation of these damage prevention groups where they do not currently exist. Read more