What is TRAPPER?

Ticket Receiving And Processing Program for Easy Response -- is software developed by Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. specifically for its Members.

  • is an interactive tool to manage Tickets and Responses electronically instead of via telephone;
  • automatically receives locate request notifications (Tickets) into a database via a PC with a modem or via e-mail;
  • facility owner receiving site personnel review the Tickets and Post Responses and Transmit them back to PA One Call in batches via modem or e-mail;
  • aids facility owners in complying with Pennsylvania’s Damage Prevention Legislation response requirements;
  • keeps a record of recent Tickets and Responses;
  • performs automated disk space management for maintenance and archiving up to 5 years;
  • color codes each ticket’s status in the receive/respond process;
  • permits custom query of data;
  • confirms Response transmission success or error;
  • receives for multiple Call Directing Codes (CDC) on a single PC;
  • provides options to print hardcopies of tickets for: All tickets, Emergencies, Non-Emergencies, End of Day summaries and Broadcasts;
  • with Internet access, hyperlinks are active;
  • displays End of Day audits for review.