KARL Response


Facility owners can respond to excavation notifications using their iPhone or iPad instead of responding to KARL via the telephone, via TRAPPER, or via the internet.
Put the power of responding to KARL directly in your pocket. Put the timeliness of responding to KARL at the work site. Improve your KARL response rate by responding at the time of facility mark in the field.

An Internet connection is required to use this application. To use this application, a user must be registered as a facility owner member on the Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. website.

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• Create a user account on the Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. website from within the app.
• Ability to respond to excavation notifications as any CDC the user is associated to.
• Geo-aware search function. Search for excavation notifications requiring response based on the user’s location.
• Search for excavation notifications by serial number.
• Large, easy to read response buttons.